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Hello again! こんにちは!
沢山のご利用ありがとうございます!Thank you so much for coming by to visit us, as always!!!
おかげ様でザッハトルテを朝から大量に仕上げております。Thanks to all the orders, we made heaps and heaps of sachertorte...from early this morning!!!

今日は20度を超える驚きの暖かさ!! It is supposed to get up to 20C!!! Wow!!!
すぐ後ろの洞峰公園にも、沢山の方がお散歩しに来ていますよ〜 Just behind our shop is Doho park and the lovely walking track!

バレンタイン商品取り揃えておりますので、We have all the Valentine's treats here awaiting you.
是非お散歩がてら、お立ち寄りくださいね♪ If you drop by for a walk or jog in the park, be sure to stop on by!

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いつも当店をご利用頂きまして、誠にありがとうございます。Thanks for frequenting our shop so regularly! We are so grateful to all of our loyal customers!!!

本日ご紹介するのは、当店の名物 Today we would like to introduce our specialty, best-selling item, the sachertorte!!!



オーストリア、ウィーンの銘菓です。 This is from Vienna, Austria.
細かい砂糖の結晶(フォンダン)と練り合わせたチョコレートをかけてコーティングしてあります。The cake is a light yet dense chocolate sponge, topped with apricot preserves...with the perfect balance of sweetness and tangy tart punch to it. Topped with a unique chocolate coating, not unlike fondant. (albeit much, much tastier!)

サリサリとしたチョコレートの食感が特徴のケーキです! The coating has a unique texture that you just have to try!
是非無糖の生クリームと一緒に召し上がってください!Of course it should be consumed with unsweetened whipped cream as they do back in Austria. 甘みがマイルドになり、クリームのコクがたまりません♪ By adding the unsweetened whipped cream, the cake is rounded out to perfection!





シーゲルで毎朝丁寧に仕上げています。 Every morning the chef churns out many sachertorte cakes.

4号・5号サイズをご用意しております。We have the cake in various sizes in the shop, or by the slice.
別添えで無糖の生クリームをお付けできますので、是非スタッフにお声掛けください。If you order the cake by the slice, you can take home some cream on the side - feel free to ask any counter staff!
NOTE: recently, due to the new "sachertorte" fad (the cake seems to be quite trendy these days) there are many Sachertorte-LIKE cakes available out at supermarkets, shops, convenience stores and more. Please don't confuse those with the real thing. If the price seems "too good to be true", you can pretty much guarantee that what you are buying is not a "bona fide" sachertorte cake!!! Real sachertorte cakes do not have a ganache like chocolate coating. Real sachertorte cakes do not have fluffy chiffon-like chocolate cake sponge. Real sachertorte cakes do not contain aspartame (as we found in some so-called sachertorte cakes!)

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こんにちは! Hi there!

今日はあいにくの曇り空でしたが、たくさんのお客様にお越し頂きまして誠にありがとうございます!Though the weather was less than perfect today, we were lucky that many customers dropped by!

Today we would like to introduce one of our many chocolates. 本日ご紹介するのはこちら!

『ビタースイート Bittersweet』
バレンタイン限定商品です。This is a Valentine's Day-limited item. 細かくした上質なイタリアンコーヒー豆をふんだんに使った、特別なチョコレートです! Dark Italian coffee beans meet smooth dark chocolate...a dreamy combination. ✨
焙煎されたコーヒー豆の香ばしさが口一杯に広がります。 The flavor of deeply roasted coffee beans along with sweet chocolate makes for the perfect bitter-sweet combination!
とてもオススメですよ!This is our recommendation for any chocolate/coffee lovers out there!!!


こちらはシーゲルの定番商品! Here is our "marble" cake, one of our best-selling cakes.
ザッハトルテと同じチョコレートケーキの生地に、クルミをたっぷり混ぜ込んで焼き上げました! Walnuts and chocolate meet in harmony in this rich chocolate cake that has a sachertorte sponge base. ✨
甘酸っぱいあんずジャムの上に、チョコレートでマーブル模様に仕上げています♪ Sweet and tangy apricot dance underneath chocolate coating in this dense, rich cake.

しっとりとしながらも、濃厚なチョコレートの味わいを楽しめます。It is moist and rich, perfect with a strong cup of coffee or tea.

Do give it a try one day! 是非お試し下さいね!

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こんにちは! Good day to you!
今日は2月と思えない程、暖かい1日でしたね。 Despite being February, it's quite warm out, isn't it?

それでも風邪が流行っているそうです。 Despite the warm weather, it is a bit gusty out there so take care not to catch a cold! 皆様お体にはお気を付けくださいね。

本日ご紹介するのは Today we would like to introduce

バーン!!と大きなウサギさん!Jumbo bunny! ✨
『うさぎママ Mommy rabbit?!』です♪
厳選されたチョコレートのみで型抜きしてあります。We have various cute animal chocolates made from chocolate molds. 写真では分かりづらいのですが、結構大きいです!It is hard to tell from this picture but in fact the chocolate is quite big.


その他にも、日本には無い特別な型抜きチョコレートが勢ぞろいしてますよ♪ We have many chocolates made from molds one is unable to find in Japan. (they are from Europe)


『チビうさ lil' bunny』


『チビわん lil' doggy』


『チビあひる lil' ducky 』

プレゼントにもオススメです♪The cute animals make for wonderful presents
強い力を加えると壊れやすいので、注意が必要です If you are not careful and use too much force, they make break so please handle with care. 💧


『オレンジ Orange half』
こちらはじっくりと煮込んだ特製オレンジピールを、大きく半分にチョコレートがけしてあります。 Orange peel is simmered in syrup until translucent and just right...then it is semi-dried...then dipped into a thin kirschy glaze, and then dipped into dark chocolate.
男性にも人気のある商品です♪ This items seems to be quite popular among our male customers.


『チョコレート詰め合わせ Chocolate assortment. They are sold in such simple packaging or in fancier boxes. (for personal consumption, the simple packaging is sufficient but if you are planning to give them to someone, we recommend the fancier pretty boxes we have prepared just for Valentine's Day) 』

バレンタイン期間中はたくさんのチョコレートをご用意してお待ちしております! Just for this season, we have a large selection of chocolates awaiting you!

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