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今年もシュトーレンをご用意できました!!Hello there! We have prepared our annual favorite, authentic stollen!!!!

毎年完売になる人気商品です This annual product is a big hit. 001.gif
クリスマスが訪れるのを楽しみに、毎日少しずつスライスして食べるのがこのお菓子♪ It is a kind of cake you buy before Christmas and indulge in, slice by slice, until the 25th. Stollen keeps well but...usually it does not last that long in the house!

たっぷり練り込んだドライフルーツに、風味豊かなバターを染み込ませてあります。 Packed with dried fruits, butter...it's a rich treat to indulge oneself in.
マンデルシュトーレンはマジパン入り!The "mandelstollen"has marzipan enveloped inside.

モーンシュトーレン(ケシの実) The "mohn" stollen has black poppyseeds inside.
ヌースシュトーレン(くるみ) The "nuss" stollen has a walnutty filling insside.
マンデルシュトーレン(マジパン)の3種類をご用意しておりますよ!Three exciting different kinds of stollen!


是非お試しくださいね!Be sure to try them all!


ハロウィン限定かぼちゃクッキーも残りわずかです We will stop selling our limited edition pumpkin cookies soon...stop by soon if you want to try them! 001.gif

by sieger-tsukuba | 2015-10-30 12:55


こんにちは!Hi there!
今週の土曜日はハロウィンですね!This Saturday is Halloween!

シーゲルではケーキ達もおめかししています♪ Even the cakes at our shop are Halloweeny and festive! Our doubly chocolately cake is jazzed up for Halloween. Did we mention how laborious it is for the chef to make this cake's sponge? The sponge is very rich and a bit tricky to make but...the wonderful taste makes it worth that extra effort!



季節限定商品のパンプキン! Our limited edition pumpkin mousse cake.
濃厚でクリーミーなかぼちゃムースは絶品です Rich and smooth pumpkin mousse, an absolute must-try for your next visit! 001.gif

是非お召し上がりくださいね Give it a try before the seasonal menu changes!

by sieger-tsukuba | 2015-10-28 18:11

お待たせ致しました!『アプフェルシュトゥルーデル』 Sorry to have kept you waiting!


Delicious apples have arrived...and the annual tradition begins!!! 今年も美味しいリンゴが届きました✨

Fresh, organic apples from Aizu!!! 会津からの無農薬リンゴです!
They have a sweet, tart taste...perfect for apple strudel. We only make apple strudel when we can get our hands on these! 爽やかな酸味と、しっかりした食感の紅玉のみを使用しております。



A special apple peeler is used to remove the skin from half the apples (the other half is unpeeled as flavor is locked in the skin and we don't want to lose all of it!) 特別な皮むき器で、あっという間に剥いていきます!
It takes two people to stretch out the dough, after which a perfectly seasoned apple filling is put inside. 味付けをしたら一本一本丁寧に巻いていきます。のばすのは2人がかりの大変な作業!! The process is quite laborious and we are very busy in the kitchen after each apple delivery installment.



Plenty of fresh Hokkaido butter goes into this apple pastry. 風味の良いバターを塗っていきます。





This is a seasonal item so be sure to get it while it lasts. 季節限定の人気商品です!数量限定ですので、お早目にどうぞ001.gif

We also have cream cheese strudel during this season as well. チーズクリームをたっぷりと巻いた、ミルヒラムシュトゥルーデルもございます!
If you come and eat these at the shop, it comes with a custard sauce on the side. If you are taking it home, you can have some fresh whipped cream to accompany it. Please stop by to get some while it lasts. お召し上がりくださいね!

Side note: our seasonal chestnut puffs (marron pie) are selling out quickly so if you want them, please call the shop to reserve some or get there early to buy them or we might have sold out for the day!
by sieger-tsukuba | 2015-10-16 12:21 | 商品紹介



10月1.日は定休日でございます。 Here is our schedule for October. Hearts indicate our days off. Autumn has come and business is brisk - the kitchen is very busy every day! We look forward to your visit!

皆様お体には十分にお気をつけください As the weather is getting chilly (esp in the morning and at night), please be sure to take good care of your health. 001.gif
by sieger-tsukuba | 2015-10-05 17:24