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新商品!『バナナロール』 New item: banana roll

こんにちは♪ Hello there

いつもたくさんの方にお越し頂き、誠にありがとうございます。 Thanks to you all, our loyal customers who come regularly to buy our cakes, quiche, and more!

本日は新商品のご紹介です!Today we would like to introduce a new product.


『バナナロール』Banana roll

完熟したバナナを、なんと!Perfectly ripe sweet banana バターをたっぷりと使用したシュー皮で包んであります♪ rolled up in rich buttery choux pastry!

ふんわり生クリームと、ラム酒の香るチョコレートソースがたまりません The inside is fluffy - whipped cream, cake sponge, fragrant rum (a nominal amount, it is safe for kids to eat), chocolate - a truly irresistible combination. 016.gif

お子様にもオススメですよ!This cake is a big hit with kids.

是非お試しくださいね♪ Please give it a try!

心よりお待ちしております。We await you at the shop!

by sieger-tsukuba | 2015-05-31 13:00 | 商品紹介

ご好評につき!Since the last terrine was so well-received...

こんにちは♪ Hello, how are you doing today?

前回のテリーヌはご好評につき、完売となりました! The terrine made the other day sold out immediately!!! (much to my chagrin as I did not get a chance to try some before it sold out...but this is a totally unnecessary side note of mine!)
誠にありがとうございます! Thanks for stopping by to buy some!!!

そして本日も、数量限定となりますが Today we also have special treat made in a very limited quantity! (since the last terrine was so well-received, the chef decided to churn out some more)
シェフ特製のテリーヌをお出ししております♪ The chef's special seafood terrine!

白ワインとの相性抜群ですよ♪ This pairs really well with white wine.

今日は気温も30度近くまで上がるようですね Today is forecast to be around 30C (roughly 86F)005.gif

皆様お体には十分に気をつけてくださいね。 Take care not to suffer from heat exhaustion!


The finished product. 焼き上がりです♪
工場がいい匂いでいっぱいになります. The whole place is filled with this wonderful freshly baked terrine's aroma.

by sieger-tsukuba | 2015-05-30 13:06

本日限定!『シェフ特製テリーヌ』 Today's special: deluxe seafood terrine


こんにちは♪ Hi there, again!

だんだんと暑くなってきましたね. It truly is getting hotter by the day, isn't it?! 004.gif

本日、シェフ特製のテリーヌをお出ししています!! Today, we would like to present one of the chef's specialties, "terrine"!

ホタテや真鯛、人参、ほうれん草をたっぷりと使用しております。 An abundance of spinach, scallops, red snapper, carrots...all dance on one's palate.

キリッと冷やした白ワインでどうぞ!Perfect with chilled white wine on a hot summer day!

スタッフ一同、心よりお待ちしております。 We look forward to seeing you here!
NOTE・UPDATE: we have already sold out of this item since having posted it on our blog...it seems to have been a big hit! 残念ながら、大人気ですぐ売れきれになってしまいました!

by sieger-tsukuba | 2015-05-27 10:49 | 商品紹介

季節限定商品♪『フルーツゼリー』 Seasonal fruit gelée


こんにちは♪ Hello there!
本日もたくさんの方にお越し頂き、誠にありがとうございます。 Thanks to all the wonderful customers who dropped by to visit us!

今日は季節商品のお知らせです!Here is some information on some seasonal products available in our shop!



フルーツの美味しさをギュッと詰めこんだゼリーです。 We are selling gourmet fruit jelly pouches in the following flavours: orange, kiwi, apricot, pear, and grapefruit.
常温で保存が可能ですので、 They are safe to keep at room temperature
お子様のおやつから、父の日、お中元など幅広くお楽しみいただけます。 Great for kid's snacks, father's day presents, or o-chuugen (summer gift giving season).

是非お試しくださいね Definitely give them a try! (*^_^*) On a side note from "BB"...the sweetness and acidity of each jelly is in perfect balance - not too sweet, not too sour...I am truly amazed at the beauty of this balanced taste - true work of a professional chef!

by sieger-tsukuba | 2015-05-24 22:19

本場ドイツの『バウムクーヘン』 Authentic German baumkuchen!


本日もたくさんのお客様にお越し頂き、誠にありがとうございます。 Thanks to the many, many customers who came to pick up some sweets today! We are always grateful for your patronage!!!

こちらはシーゲル名物の1つ Today we made one of our specialty sweets...authentic baumkuchen! It is made with a real baumkuchen machine imported from Germany! (This baumkuchen is authentic German type of baumkuchen, not to be confused with the also widely popular Japanese-style fluffy baumkuchen sold at other shops. They are both tasty, treats! )
こだわりの北海道バター、マジパン(アーモンドと砂糖を練り合わせたもの)を使用しておりますので、We make it with high-quality marzipan and plenty of real Hokkaido butter.
重みのあるしっとりとした食感です The rich and moist texture is delightful.001.gif


職人が一層一層丁寧に、本場の味を作り上げます。 We prepare it carefully  (that's BB's hand there on the lever...making it carefully! tee hee...) , layer by layer
フワッと香るレモンがたまりません!The hint of lemon keeps it light-tasting, making it truly irresistible!
是非お試しくださいね。Do give it a try when you get the chance. We sell it in small slices or bigger "loaf" cuts as well.

心よりお持ちしております。 Authentic German baumkuchen awaits you here!

by sieger-tsukuba | 2015-05-17 22:21

季節限定♪『ももババロア』 Seasonal cake: peach bavarois


季節限定商品のお知らせです!Update about our new seasonal cake"

For a limited time we are selling creamy peaches...er, should we say...cakes cleverly disguised as such! 『ももババロア』登場です016.gif

Delicately wrapped in a thin layer of sweet mochi (rice cake) とろける求肥で包んだ中に、
truly a one-of-a-kind cake! クリーミーな桃のムースが絶品ですよ

Be sure to try it before they all run out! 是非お試しくださいね。

by sieger-tsukuba | 2015-05-12 21:58 | 商品紹介


今月はゴールデンウイーク営業のため Due to the Golden Week holidays、
第2水曜日・木曜日(13.14)が連休となります。This month we will be closed on the Wednesday and Thursday of the 2nd week. (on the 13th and 14th) instead of the usual 1st and 3rd week. The hearts indicate the days when the shop is closed. Thanks for checking in!


by sieger-tsukuba | 2015-05-12 21:50

スペシャルケーキ✨『プレシャス』 A must-try cake for you!!! (aptly named "Precious")


Thanks to all the customers who came to buy cakes today. We are grateful for your continued support, always! 001.gif

今日はシーゲルおすすめの一品をご紹介します!We would like to introduce our featured new cake

The name of the cake is "precious"

It uses tonka beans, a bean that is in fact banned in the United States because it contains very minute amounts of coumarin.

Because the bean is so expensive (hence rarely used in most pastry shops) we only produce a certain number of these cakes each day.

バニラや杏仁のような 深い香りのトンカ豆ムースに、キャラメルのグラサージュがとてもよく合います♪
The taste is quite complex and the aromatic vanilla-esque, almondy, almost coffee-like taste is really enticing and addictive
This cake features tonka bean mousse topped with pillowy-soft vanilla mousse...a match made in heaven!

Do try this cake when you drop by on your next visit!!!006.gif

by sieger-tsukuba | 2015-05-10 22:59 | 商品紹介










by sieger-tsukuba | 2015-05-09 22:13

5月になりましたが… Introduction to your new web updaters.




Hello and nice to meet you! 003.gif This is BB, a relatively new member of the Sieger cake shop, here to translate the blog into English for you! (The Japanese version is written by Anna so forgive us if there are small differences/discrepancies in our words) There is so much to share and we are very pleased to introduce various delectable sweets to you! The owners are quite busy, well, running their cake shop...therefore, we are here to keep you updated on all the delectable goods we are making every day! 001.gif
by sieger-tsukuba | 2015-05-08 22:33